I wrote a blog post the other day on the topic of Scrubbing and Shaving
that you can read here:

Lead Scrubbing vs Lead Shaving

It covers what happens to you when you generate sales for a Network or an Advertiser.

I want to share with you one solid tip that you may not even know of that will potentially add thousands to your bottomline every single month.

It is the concept of “Invisible Conversions”.

Actually that is a name I just coined. (LOL)

This is completely different than Scrubbing or Shaving and is usually unintentional but is a topic I want to cover with you guys as it’s really important to know.

When you are running paid traffic and a sale happens a conversion has to be registered for you to be credited.

This usually happens in the form of a Postback URL.

Since this is a server to server transaction it’s fairly accurate compared
to iframe pixels or using cookie pixels to track.

But with anything technical there are discrepancies.

While they may be minor they still exist.

And when I say discrepancies I’m talking about misfires or conversions that never “fired” back to you or your tracking solution.

This could be from a Network to you, Advertiser to you, Advertiser to a Network, or in some case a Network to another Network.

What’s happening is Conversions/Sales are happening, money is being calculated but the person who is generating that sale (potentially you or the Network) isn’t being credited for it.

These are legitimate conversions, sales, leads etc.

You have to understand that everyone is using different tracking platforms for their Business and sometimes for no reason whatsoever tracking discrepancies happen.

This is why it’s a good habit to use and pass Sub ID’s and Affiliate ID’s to whoever you are working with.

Doing this allows the Network or the Direct Advertiser to still see a conversion on their end and know who generated it.

Think about this for a minute…

Some Networks or Advertisers can have discrepancies that are as high as 2%-5% based on their tracking solution and setup.

That means you’re losing 2-5% if not more in conversions that are not being fired back to you and credited.

To put it in perspective here are some numbers:

Let’s say you’re doing 500 leads per day at $3 each.

On the low end let’s say 2% of your leads are not being credited due to
technical errors, so that’s 10 leads a day at $3 which is $30.

So big deal right… $30 a day.

But if you look at the span of one month or 30 days, that’s $900.

Times that by a year and that’s $10,800!

And we are talking on the low end here…

What if it was 5% or more?

What if you’re promoting something higher like a Trial Offer that pays out
let’s say $40 and you’re doing 100+ step one sales a day.

As you can see this literally adds up to be a lot of money missed.

And if you really want to get your brain working what if the Network or Advertiser is also shaving your leads on top of that??

We are talking about some serious money here.

But, like I said this is different than Scrubbing or Shaving and is completely normal but still even though it’s legit it still sucks.

So here is what you can do about it.

First off, honest Networks and Advertisers should be crediting you leads that did not fire.

They can do this be cross checking with you Daily, Weekly, or at the End of the Month.

This is why if you’re working directly with an Advertiser you should be billing them an invoice based off “their” backend numbers and not yours.

Depending on what CRM they are using you may not be able to see certain stats but if they are honest they will be transparent with you and let you see all the sales data, upsells, and rebill percentages.

Now if you’re working with a Network you probably won’t get to see their back end but it’s the Account Managers job to try and credit your account with leads that did not fire from the Advertiser and make sure you’re paid.

Honest Networks usually call these “overages” and credit you based on your Affiliate ID.

But most Networks just end up keeping these sales/leads for themselves because nobody knows anyhow…

I will say that with hundreds of active Affiliates in a Network it can also be very tedious to comb through each Affiliate ID all the time and cross check just to make sure people are credited so that is another reason why it’s not done often.

So no need to bash Networks or Advertisers because sometimes it’s not worth the effort to cross check and it’s tedious to constantly do.

If you are running decent numbers then it pays to ask if any extra sales have been not accounted for.

Most solid Account Managers will already pass these on to you but then again it never hurts to ask.

I’ve personally had situations where at the end of the year after crunching all the sales/conversions I’ve been wired an extra $20,000 for misfires and things that didn’t track.

So yes this is real and is a simple way to earn more for conversions you already generated.

You paid for the traffic it’s only right you get paid for the sales.

Any thoughts? Leave your comment below!