How can we all share the same 24 hours in a day yet there is a small percentage of us that seem to just crush it while the rest seem to just struggle to get anything done?

There’s been a huge misconception that you need to be Grinding 24 hours a day and Hustling hard nonstop to achieve your goals…

For the short term and at various times yes this is important but you need to understand this concept.

Consistency > Intensity

Most people who are trying to get results fall in the “Intensity” bucket.

They do as much as they can as fast and as long as they can…

We all know that this leads to burnout…

If you think about it, we are not meant to do things over and over at our maximum intensity.

Take a Body Builder for example…

If every single workout, every single set, and every rep he lifted his maximum amount what would happen?

He wouldn’t be able to workout everyday, and more than likely suffer an injury that would really set him back for weeks if not months.

The better approach would be to focus on consistency.

Doing a decent level of intensity but focus more on being consistent day to day for the long run.

Yes, it’s good to have spurts of intensity and that is needed but full blown maximum intensity all the time is NOT good for you.

I’m telling you this from my own experience of burning the midnight oil and attempting to work 14hour days grinding away at my computer nonstop.

I would get a lot done but there would be this “phase” like 3-4 days later where my brain would be foggy and I would struggle to push through a simple task .

And after doing it for weeks on end I would eventually experience burnout where I lose all my creativeness and motivation to get any work done.

Instead of trying to get everything done in one day, it’s okay to stop working and leave some work to be done tomorrow instead of overworking yourself.

Think long term marathon versus a 40 yard dash.

Without a doubt the biggest advantage you can have over your competitors is being able to get a full 8 hours of sleep every single night consistently.

Do whatever you can to get this valuable sleep in.

There is so much debate online on the topic of how many hours of sleep you really need and the notion that “you can sleep when you’re dead” which goes back to the grinding nonstop mentality we mentioned above which is just dumb.

Your body needs sleep for a reason.

Your body, brain, gut, and every cell in you body needs to recover and regenerate to remain healthy.

There is no need to go against mother nature, we fall asleep and wake up naturally given these amounts of hours of sleep so no need to go against the grain.

Your ultimate goal should be to try and get the best undisturbed deep sleep possible every night.

One bad night can really wreak havoc on your productivity.

You should be taking the last 10 days of your sleep as the baseline average of how many hours of sleep you get and not base it off last night.

I recommend 2 devices that can help you with that.

Fitbit Alta HR – This is what I currently use even though the model is outdated now and other ones have replaced it but since it’s a bracelet I can fall asleep with it on and workout without it getting in the way.

It also is monitoring my heart rate, steps, so I’m gathering all this useful data and it has an incredible battery life of 7 days so I don’t have to worry about recharging daily.

Oura Ring – This device tracks your sleep and activity and is becoming super popular. The only downside for me is the battery life and that it’s a ring so I have to remove it when doing weight training.

Aside from that the analytics and mobile app are one of thee best when it comes to sleep tracking.

So tracking and looking at numbers can motivate you to get better sleep and also help you troubleshoot what the issues are that are causing you to not get good sleep.

Another strategy I use is the concept of Thinking Time.

I spend Sundays alone for a few hours thinking deeply about where I am at and what some of my future goals are and how to obtain them.

This is also a time where I start planning the week out ahead of me.

Having a solid todo list the night before makes it much easier to wake up and know exactly what you need to do versus just winging it.

One of the other big advantages I have is that I do not smoke or drink alcohol.

I made a promise to myself several years ago that I would not drink until I hit some of my personal and business goals and after a significant amount of time I didn’t want to break my streak over something insignificant.

Being sober and not waking up with a hangover is a HUGE advantage.

Alcohol affects your sleep big time and can leave you out of it for days…

On top of not being high or drinking I exercise 5+ days a week and have a fitness coach and a nutritionist to help me stay on top of my game.

This helps me stay in shape and exerting energy each day strength training makes it much easier to fall into a deeper level of sleep.

Most people try to figure a way to improve on what they are doing by optimizing it the best they can and refining it.

The best approach is to just ELIMINATE it.

Don’t do things if you can avoid them.

This means outsourcing the majority of your work that ends up being time consuming and repetitive.

By eliminating things you don’t have to worry about how you can do it better or faster.

Spend your time only focusing on the key things that will move your life and business forward and sacrifice everything else.

Driving and commuting are some of the biggest time consuming tasks that the average person has to deal with.

I removed that by having a home office.

This saves me hours each day versus driving to an office.

I also get my food delivered so I don’t waste time the grocery store or buy more things than I intended.

Food and meals are also prepped, cooked for, or ordered to save me time.

I mentioned I have a nutritionist and a fitness coach which saves me time from figuring out what I need to eat or what workout I need to do.

I just go in and do what they tell me, again saving time thinking.

If you have to commute then take an Uber so you can at least get some work done in the back seat.

House cleaning is all outsourced as well as all my landscaping.

These are just things that I’d rather not focus on.

As you can see I want to just prioritize my tasks to be geared towards things that are higher level and worth my time.

Eliminating everything else and then optimizing the things that are mandatory.

After you have refined everything you can do the next step is leveraging teams and employees to help you get more done with the same amount of hours in a day.

Very simple concept is:

1 Person = 8 hours of output in a Day.

5 People = 40 hours of output in the same Day.

Huge leverage difference.

After it all boils down it’s really about being mindful of what you’re doing, being dedicated and consistent and continuing to do the hard work day in and day out.

What are some of your productivity hacks?

Leave a comment below and let me know!