I was sitting around in my home office on a Sunday for what I like to call “thinking time”… A concept I learned from Keith Cunningham.

This is a period of time where I do nothing but think to myself undisturbed. 

You’d be surprise at how many people just constantly go go go in business without taking a break to really understand what and why they are doing things.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the action taking but eventually you need to really strategically think and ponder if what you are doing is actually moving the needle or not.

So I had this thought… 

“How come so many people struggle with making money online…”

There’s so many courses, workshops, and endless amounts of content out there.

You would think with the endless amounts of resources that it would be easy to figure things out… But it’s not.

And that just boggled the hell out of me…

So I started thinking like what is the best approach to make sure people get the best results.

You see people purchase information courses and consume the content but then never take action…

People watch videos and never take action…

People attend in person workshops but then never take action when they get home…

People have questions that never get answered…

The list goes on and on.

A big reason why people don’t take action is because there is no accountability.

You can read, watch, and learn all you want about working out but no one is going to drag you out of bed in the morning to go jogging…

And with no accountability it’s easy to become lazy and do nothing.

Then once motivation finds you again you end up jumping onto the next shiny object that comes along and this is just human nature.

I came to the conclusion that the best way to get results is to create an atmosphere that will encourage the best potential chances of success.

This is a multi prong approach versus a single point of attack.

So I sat down for a weekend and put together the concepts and ideas for what is now…

The Affiliate Intensive Mastermind.

I have thrown numerous in person workshops over the years and they have been awesome…

The problem is majority of people especially overseas cannot attend for various reasons.

The cost of the event, schedules, flights, hotels, and all the other logistics make it harder for them to actually attend.

Not only that but throwing big events take a lot of work and planning…

Plus after the event the motivation and accountability fades as everyone goes about their own ways and back to their normal routine, plus it’s hard to fully create relationships in a span of a few days.

Also questions that weren’t asked during the event are pretty much lost forever or forgotten…

So I attempted to create some online courses that were more affordable and could reach a larger audience and that worked well but the problem was similar to the reading a book point I mentioned above…

No accountability and eventually no one takes action.

I also realized that so many people have questions but there was no way I could humanly answer each and every single one directly without destroying my own productivity…

So then I decided to create a free FB Group as a place people can network and ask questions.

Jeez… Was that a horrible idea for many reasons.

First off, when it’s FREE no one values it.. Period.

This also makes it impossible to really engage, make friends, or network with others because there ends up being tens of thousands of random people in the group.

You’ve probably experienced this by now if you’re in any of these large groups…

Then end of the day it just becomes a promotional spam fest and sure little tidbits of info are posted here and there but you have no way even know if any of it is “legit”.

Just too much NOISE.

So thats when I came up with a better solution that I knew needed to have certain elements to it for a better chance of success.

Things like accessibility, accountability, networking, mentoring, and basically a multi prong approach…

First off, instead of in person events why not make everything online.

This allows people to save money on travels as well as reach more people all across the globe.

Also instead of a 2-3 day event why not just keep it going for the lifetime of the project.

For networking we need to vet members and create a place where it’s easier to “make friends” and feel more inclined to share valuable content since everyone is on the same page.

For consuming content we need a dedicated area which allows us to  move at our own pace by learning through videos, pdfs, guides, follow alongs, and case studies.

For questions we need instant answers as well as be up to date with current events and strategies as everything moves so fast online.

All of these things combined allow for a greater chance of success if you really think about it.

That is what formed The A.I.M.

There are 3 core elements that make up The Affiliate Intensive Mastermind.

Content Vault – This is the area where all the content is stored for you to consume and is constantly updated.  People love learning at their own pace and having a dedicated resource area is important so this Vault was created.

Private FB Group – Having a place to really network with others and ask questions in real time is crucial.  Everyone inside has the same goals and since everyone has “skin in the game” it’s a much better environment to share versus a free group or forum.

Weekly Zoom Q & A’s  – We have weekly calls that are open discussion, Q&A’s and pretty much ask me anything type webinar style calls.  This is to stay current and to really get that help from not only me but other members on whatever problems and issues you may be facing.

This holds a level of accountability and really puts the feeling of having a tribe of people there that are all on the same path of trying to reach their goals.

We opened the Mastermind for Founding Members for a limited amount of spots and sold out FAST…

We are now currently closed to the public as we continue to help one and other and create more content each and every day inside the group.

So far it’s been awesome!

I’m really excited about what the future holds for this project as I really have been putting a lot of time and effort into making it come together.

If you’re interested you can read more about it on the link below and feel free to join the email list to be notified if and when spots reopen for enrollment.

Click Here For More Information < < < 

So while this is somewhat a test run experiment to see how sustainable it will be for me to continue to manage I am happy I did this because I know it will impact a lot of peoples lives.

What are some of the things that are holding you back from getting results?

Would love to hear your comments below.