“We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others, that in the end, we become disguised to ourselves.”
― François de La Rochefoucauld

Introducing the Internet…

A place where you can be whoever you want to be…

And I mean that literally.

With the growth of Social Media it seems to be more important to portray yourself as someone with substance than it is to actually BE that person in real life.

It’s a real slippery slope…

The thought that you need to be that someone is leading to more anxiety, depression, and an overall society that is very disconnected from reality.

Our minds are being consumed relentlessly with comments, views, likes, images, followers, and videos that shape our subconscious and conscious mind with clutter.

This sets the standard of how we THINK things should be.

For example, if you jump onto Instagram you’re going to be bombarded with images of beautiful women in sexy attire or Entrepreneurs with fancy cars and private jets…

What you don’t see is the endless filters, photo editing, and fabricated setups that these people use to trick you into thinking it’s a normal day for them.

There is a concept I call Image Crafting.

It’s artificially manufacturing your online content to portray a certain look.

Sure, there is nothing wrong with only choosing to post the best pics of yourself especially if it’s going to exist online forever but it gets deeper than that.

The beautiful girls you see online make you think every girl you meet should look like that and if you’re a female you think you’ll have to live up to those standards yourself.

This causes a lack of self worth, low self esteem, and a brainwash that makes you feel like you’re just not good enough.

You may be watching other peoples “stories” and see everyone out partying, eating good, traveling, and living an amazing life while you’re at home doing nothing…

Everyone seems so happy and “living their best life”

Continuous exposure to this is what leads to people feeling sad and depressed.

You may be in Business and watching other people crush it while you’re still struggling to make things work and this is super frustrating and depressing as well.

A thing you have to remember is this.

You are being exposed to everyone’s “Highlight Reel”.

It’s the behind the scenes “b-roll” footage that you don’t see.

That’s the footage that everyone hides, but the only REAL thing that counts.

Everybody puts up this image that I call the “Disguise” online…

To a certain degree there is nothing wrong with it especially if you have a Business or a Brand to protect.

Obviously you want to portray the best content but there’s this new level of narcissistic and sociopathic behavior that is just destroying people online.

Instead of doing the work to have a successful business people are more fixated on image crafting to appear to be successful…

Instead of being happy with their girlfriend or wife their mind is polluted with these playboy bombshell models who have been photoshopped to death…

Instead of enjoying the car, home, lifestyle that you currently have you feel like an underachiever comparing yourself to the other people you see online.

This all happens on a subconscious level without you even knowing it.

Some people have a good grasp on this but other people cannot handle it and it just wrecks havoc onto their lives.

There’s this saying “Fake it til you make it.”

But nowadays it’s more like fake it and keep faking it until you get caught.

I’ve met big influencers with millions of followers online and guess what?

Most of them were broke and struggling to figure out how to pay their rent next month…

But you wouldn’t of guessed that considering how large of a following they had.

I know IG models with tons of followers but if you met them in real life you’d be surprised at how “regular” these girls look…

Most don’t even look anything like what they appear to look like on their page.

I’ve also met Entrepreneurs and Marketers with huge followings and images of being successful online but face to face they didn’t have the knowledge, skills, money, or experience they portrayed to have.

They had all the “sizzle” but no steak.

I’ve also met many people who were willing to buy more “followers” and “likes” for their IG page than actually take that money and invest into actually having a real business….

Just so they can appear to be important.

It’s just crazy.

Everybody wants things so fast but the reality is that it can take 10 years for you to appear to be an overnight success…

There is also a DARK side to image crafting.

I’ve been able to experience and witness how social proof and image crafting can really bring out the evil side of things in regards to scamming and fooling people…

It’s just really sad.

Everyone wants to surround themselves and learn from successful people and it’s very easy for professional conmen and swindlers to prey on these type of people online.

My advice is do your due diligence whenever you have the opportunity to work with someone or invest your money with them and make sure you know who you are dealing with.

Anyone who is “Legit” should have no problems in showing you what companies they own, how they actually make money online, and if anything they should be around for many years in whatever industry they are in.

Ask around and see what others have to say working with them.

This isn’t a foolproof way because like I said I’ve met some really elaborate conmen on a whole other level who really took the time with their craft.

The type of stuff I’ve seen is mind blowing…

Just be careful, and be cautious with your money especially if you plan to invest, learn, or get mentoring.

So on the flip side after being online for quite some time and having the privilege of becoming friends with so many high level people there are a few commonalities I’ve found.

Most of the big CEO’s and successful Entrepreneurs that actually have real businesses don’t have that big of a following online.

Their social presence is like next to none.

Their videos gets thousands of views not millions.

Their posts get a handful of comments and likes not hundreds.

What’s really interesting is the content they do share is like really really good value and actionable but it’s just not buzzing.

These are the type of people I am actively pursuing online and offline in regards to content consumption because their stuff is THAT good.

It’s untapped.

It’s hidden and not absorbed by the masses.

There is more to Entrepreneurship and Business than the Gary V’s and Grant Cardones…

Just because those guys flood the marketplace doesn’t mean you should or need to copy their tactics.

Stay in your own lane and don’t lose sense of reality.

Instead of posting images like you’ve already made it you know what people really want to see?

They want to see someone authentic.

Post images and content of the journey instead and be real.

This is far more entertaining and you don’t have to fake it being yourself.

As you consume more and more content online you start to become numb to things…

Like seeing a Lamborghini doesn’t blow me away like it use to.

Seeing a Sexy PinUp Model doesn’t have that same wow factor because all you need to do is keep scrolling and there is a another hot blonde a few swipes away…

That fake it until you make it content won’t last long and will eventually lose its effectiveness so why not just focus on actually progressing forward instead of keeping up with the joneses and wasting valuable time.

So ask yourself…

Are you wearing a Disguise online?

Are you being who you truly are as a person or trying to keep up to other peoples standards?

Comment below I would love to hear your thoughts.