“Your network is your net worth.”
― Tim Sanders

One of the most important things you should focus on right now is
how good your Networking skills are.

And when I say Networking I’m not talking about how many business cards you can collect…

I’m talking about how many meaningful relationships you can cultivate.

But like any relationship the only way that can happen is if you first meet, interact, and nurture that encounter into something more meaningful.

This isn’t possible if you keep yourself inaccessible…

Most Affiliates I know are introverts and feel awkward in social settings and have approach anxiety when meeting people.

There’s nothing wrong with this but if you really want to make huge strides in this game you really need to get good at your people skills.

I contribute the majority of my success to the simple fact that I know and have met the right people who have ultimately became my good friends.

I have a natural gift for making friends.

I wouldn’t say that I have the most social out going personality I just became good at certain things that have gained the respect and trust of others.

Things like treating every person you meet with respect.

They have this saying in Silicon Valley that you better be nice to the little nerdy kid in the corner with ripped jeans, a hoodie, and dirty tennis shoes on because you never know if he will become the next Mark Zuckerberg…

Same thing applies to life.

You never know who you may need to rely on for help one day so be kind to people.

Treat everyone with respect.

I take a look at my current Businesses and every single person that is helping me make money now is someone I’ve met many years ago.

When you are known for being dependable, honest, trustworthy, and can be consistent for many years people will see it.

One of the best things you can do is to keep negative comments, and energy to yourself.

From my own experiences talking about this or spreading that kind of energy never ever really does anything good for you.

It will make people think that if you can talk trash about someone else then what would stop you from talking trash about them..

Don’t gossip.

If you stick around a particular industry for long enough you’ll eventually know all the key players.

Most industries are small and that is why having solid relationships with certain people can open many doors and at the same time creating damaging relationships could shut down and destroy many potential doors.

A good way to be good at Networking is to be someone who is always offering value without expecting anything in return.

Make introductions between two parties if you think that them knowing each other would bring each other value.

Go out of your way to help someone or give advice even if it’s taking a few minutes out of your day to do so.

There has been a constant influx of deals that come my way simply because I’ve taken the time to genuinely help someone else.

It’s the law of reciprocity.

People genuinely are good people and want to help others succeed as much as they want to themselves.

Here are some actionable things you can do right now to nurture a good network of people.

Pick Up the Phone and Dial –

We live in a world of instant messaging and endless Social Media comments…

While you feel in touch with people by chatting there is nothing that makes a better connection that hearing someones voice.

Spend at least 1 hour a week to connect with someone who you want to grow a stronger friendship with.

Mark your calendar and block out some time just to talk on the phone.

Do this consistently every single week and over time you will have a solid relationship with that person.

Meet Up In Person –

Pick a day out of the week to go and have lunch, a coffee, or dinner with someone.

Meeting people face to face is the ultimate way to forge a friendship.

Go to different events and make time to physically go somewhere with someone and talk.

This could mean traveling or stepping way out of your comfort zone and being social but the rewards far outweigh the cost.

Look to Provide Value –

Whenever you come across some knowledge or advice that you think someone you know could benefit from just share it with them.

Find ways to be useful to other people and help them make more money with the advice you give them without any expectations.

Do this continuously and consistently.

Naturally the Law of Reciprocity will happen and they will return the favor.

Write Them a Hand Written Letter –

There is a level of personal touch that comes with writing someone a Thank You or I appreciate you letter…

This shows the other person that you’ve actually taken the time to think of them and is a good way to follow up and build a initial introduction.

People do this with email but finding a way to get a real letter in someone’s hands will do wonders.

Send Someone a Gift in The Mail –

If you’ve known someone long enough to have their address it’s always nice to go out of your way and show your appreciation by sending them a gift.

These don’t have to be extravagant, it’s really the thought that counts.

For example my friend knew I was getting a puppy and sent me a care package in the mail with a bunch of things he thought I would need with a new dog.

Things like that really stand out and mean a lot.

Think about some potential things that someone in your life might find useful and let them know you’ve paid attention to what is going on in their life.

Strategic Networking also involves the ability to know who you would want to work with in the future and then find a way to inevitably make that happen.

This could be figuring how to get next to someone who is close to them and working towards making that happen over time.

The key phrase here is over time…

You’ll eventually come across someone who is what I consider a
“Super Networker”

Every Industry has someone like this who just seems to be in good relationships and knows just about everyone.

Getting it in good with a Super Networker can be your fast pass to making all the right connections very quick and easy.

I can credit some of my biggest Business relationships starting from an introduction given to me by one of my Super Networker friends.

Make sure you give some kick back to these people if their connection ends up making you some good money.

Always and I mean ALWAYS give kick backs to people.

Ultimately if you want to be a good Networker you gotta protect your name and brand and do everything in your power to be an overall GOOD person.

Good can mean a number of things but it basically summarizes someone with really good core morals and ethics and I mean who doesn’t like someone like that right.

Feel free to leave your comments below!

Cheers – Tuan