“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change “ – Heraclitus

That statement is an exact depiction of the Affiliate Industry.

Every few years it seems the Industry shifts and things that were once HOT are no longer even relevant…

MENTAL NOTE: Just because something is not as “Popular” as it once was does not necessarily mean it is still not making people a ton of money right now.

There was a time when Acai Berry, Teeth Whitening, and Work From Home Bizzops were just crushing it…

Trial Offers, Skin, Muscle, Diet…

PayDay Loans, Grants, RingTones…

Adult Dating, Mobile, Pin Submits, App Installs…

Ecom, Crypto, FaceBook, Native, Mobile Pops…

In no particular order but damn there is always the latest “Flavor” of the
month it seems in this space.

Amongst all the different “trends” I can tell you a few things that are definitely happening right now.

Trial Advertisers have always faced issues in regards to High Risk Processing but seems like the past 12-14 months Visa/MasterCard have been just making things really hard with regulations.

It is definitely a hard time to be a Trial Advertiser and the amount of offers out there that are “trustworthy” are just getting slimmer.

There’s been a spike of Trial Advertisers pivoting their offers to Straight Sales but the truth is it’s just not as appealing to Affiliates as a Trial offer is to promote.

Advertisers are experimenting with different funnels like COD (Cash On Delivery) and various Upsell hybrids to make CPA’s back out for them.

Either way the game is TOUGH.

PRO TIP: If you are working directly with an Advertiser as an Affiliate or as a Network my advice to you is to be careful about over extending large amounts of credit right now because the chances of Non Payment or Late Payments is pretty high and if you play the game long enough you WILL get burned eventually…

Speaking of Networks many big ones have gone down this year that I will not bother to mention but some of them had huge debts in the tens of millions.

What can you learn from this?

No matter how much money you make keep a careful eye on your overhead.

Most Big Networks have excessive overhead, staff, offices, and etc. that just doesn’t make much sense considering Networks make very slim margins in the first place and it’s already hard enough as is to stay operating.

MENTAL NOTE: Even working with Bigger Networks won’t guarantee you payments. In the end work with those you trust who keep an open line of communication with you regardless of how big or small they are and actually provide you some type of value.

Affiliate’s seem to be maturing a bit and focusing on building real brands and services that will outlast a simple campaign that they can monetize for years to come.

Physical Ecom Products, Building Email lists, Subscription Based Products, and Real Brands that they can potentially EXIT on.

This is definitely the current vibe from Smart Affiliates aiming to take their skills from running campaigns and apply it to bigger more stable businesses.

On the flip side, I still have real big underground Super Affiliates friends who have been operating in the same Verticals, Traffic Sources, for the past several years and haven’t pivoted at all, regardless of what “buzz” is happening right now..

So to each his own.

Crypto was a big factor a year ago and I could not log onto FB without seeing something crypto related in my newsfeed.

Everyone was a Crypto expert and knew what the next hot coin was, but when Crypto went to shit everyone was quiet as a church mouse…

This year seems like the gold rush is back and it’s picking up steam again…

My personal take on Crypto is YES a lot of people are making money with it, but 90% if not more people who have no idea what they are doing will just lose money…

They are just chasing the next easy money maker aka the next shiny object and trust me I know how hard it is to stay on the sidelines when you see people making 50X returns overnight.

I’m all for better technology and everything that Crypto and Blockchain has the potential to do but I also know that there’s a ton of room for unethical shit to go on and since it’s too much of a Wild West right now with taxes and regulations I’ll play my position elsewhere…

DISCLAIMER: I still hold some Crypto currently, and have made a significant amount of money during the Bitcoin boom after one of my good friends showed me how to setup wallets and exchange accounts to purchase.

I actually found around 15 Bitcoins that I had in 2014 when people were mining for it back then after I started purchasing ALT coins and the current price was like $15K each… Which was like an extra blessing in disguise.

I was able to 20X my portfolio and cashed out prior to it crashing but have not jumped back in heavily since except for a small $XX,XXX balance that still remains…

The Lame Guru Bashing shit is WEAK…

You got the group of people in the Industry who have nothing more to talk about than the next man.

The same people talking about Guru’s are the same people who secretly wish they could be one and charge those “Guru” prices themselves.

Being a Guru is NOT that easy…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not PRO Guru.

I don’t think anyone should be an expert and teach people things that they don’t know anything about or have never done.

So yes I understand that part of it.

But, you have to realize that anytime you step up and teach content someone out there is going to label you a Guru… Point blank period.

It’s like you’ll hear someone talk shit about someone releasing a information course but secretly try to peddle their little services on the backend under the radar like people don’t see whats going on.

It usually stems from insecurities and lack of confidence in them that is why their angle is hating on the next man.

PRO TIP: Don’t waste your time on the bash the Guru bandwagon… There is nothing you are going to do to stop it from happening and you are not cool for being another Yes man.

My advice is FOCUS your time and energy on positive stuff and keep your mind on making money and don’t drink the haterade.

Do YOU and let others do THEM.

Which brings up another thing…

Workshops and Masterminds.

Seems like everywhere you look there is some type of Mastermind going on and there is good reason for it.

People are looking for specialized knowledge and for those hosting them it’s a lucrative business model.

It’s not brand new but it definitely has gained more popularity.

I’ve been in many Mastermind groups, Paid and Free ones.

I’ve hosted dozens of them myself over the years.

They definitely sit at the top of my list for high level learning.

The networking aspect alone makes it worth it so if you have a Mastermind you’re interested in I’d say go for it and hop on that plane and just step outside of your comfort zone.

Only good things can happen from it.

Then there are Affiliate Conferences.

The International Affiliate World Conferences seem to be the most sought after events for Affiliates to want to attend but the problem I’m seeing is
most are not there to buy a badge…

They are there to just attend the parties.

Meaning loss revenue for those putting the events together.

If you think about it the cost of the admission, flight, hotel, and food is outside the budget of most Affiliates so they skip the pass and use the money for everything else.

Same holds true for Affiliate Summit West and Affiliate Summit East..

Most Attendees don’t even go to the Meet Market.

The Affiliate Marketing space is such a small Industry that after your first 1-2 shows you’ll practically know everyone you are going to need to know.

It’s even smaller in the Adult Industry.

It’s true when people tell you that the best networking happens outside of the Venue at the bars, nightclubs, and etc.

I actually ended up passing on ASE 2019 in New York this year because I just felt like it wasn’t worth it…

The whole “diminishing returns” concept holds true after you’ve done a dozen shows…

What you have to understand is that traveling, eating out, lack of sleep, and chance of getting sick are sometimes not worth it.

If you do commit make sure you make the most out of it.

Be on point.

Don’t just end up coming home with a stack of business cards that end up in your “top drawer”.

Traffic Sources.

AdNetworks are tightening up especially FB when it comes to BlackHat methods. Don’t believe what anyone tells you BH is still ALIVE and I know people personally who are still banging out 5 Figure PayDays.

It’s just certain methods don’t work as well as they use to but like anything else people innovate and figure things out especially if there is money to be made.

Some Affiliates are just tired of the cat and mouse game and are looking for stability with White Hat methods.

I have a friend who does around $2,000 per day on $400 AdSpend all White Hat who doesn’t care to do anything else.

It’s not the biggest campaign earner but it’s one that is stable, allowed by FB, and has been running for 2 years straight.

Who wouldn’t want something like this right?

You can’t put a price on peace of mind.

Traffic Sources are getting competitive so don’t be afraid to test different sources and see what you can come up with.

I hate how people complain about smaller networks that only allow them to spend $5K/Day when most don’t even know how to convert that much Revenue in the first place.

I tell people all the time…

Find a Traffic Network you like and just MASTER it.

One solid source with decent traffic is ALL you need to make a good living.

Doesn’t matter if it’s Social, Native, Mobile, Adult, or whatever it is.

All of those WORK.

There seems to be a lot of negative energy with the current state of the Affiliate Marketing Industry but I believe it’s far from dead.

I just think Affiliates are maturing and realizing that instead of a quick Hustle they can take these skills and build a multi 7 – 8 even 9 Figure Business.

With that being said the best thing you can do is hone your skills, focus on yourself, avoid the negative energy, and work on building your own assets.


I’ve seen too many Super Affiliates ball out and then disappear never to be seen again a year later.

Don’t be one of those guys… Think long term and make sacrifices now.

What are some of the big things you see going on in the Industry lately?

Comment below and let me know!

  • Tuan