So it’s been 9 years…

Some big domain company has been squatting on my domain name and they would not let it go.

I’ve tried offering money and contacting them over the years with no luck.

After a few years I just gave up hope and setup a monitoring system to
notify me if the domain ever becomes available.

And guess what…

Whatever glitch in the Matrix happened I dunno but I ended up getting an
email saying my domain is being auctioned and it’s ending in 24 hours.

I immediately placed my bids on it and sat back anxiously waiting to see
if I would be the winner.

Didn’t take long until other bidders starting jumping on.

For some strange reason is valued at almost $2,500.

How they come up with that number beats me.

So instead of driving the bids up I waited until the last 5 minutes before I start heavily betting on the domain that way other bidders wouldn’t have time to check and update.

I sat there staring at the screen when the clock countdown came to and ending on the auction and…

Boom, I won.

Cha Ching!

Then I get an email saying yes you won the domain but there is a “grace” period where the original owner can reclaim the domain.

This can be anywhere between 7 to 20 days…

I’m like fuck….

So, for a few weeks I sat back quietly waiting for the domain to get transferred to my account.

I didn’t want to jinx myself or anything since I’ve been trying to score this
domain forever.

And finally… After all the stress and worry the domain was indeed moved into my account.


Now as you know I previously used as the main domain for this site because that was probably the next best domain next to the .com one.

But since I own the .com extension now I migrated and moved everything over and from now on will be the main domain.

There were a few lessons I learned from this whole experience that I’d like
to share with you.

First is, don’t wait until you have a perfect domain to start a website.

I could’ve waited forever and never got anything done.

Just start and fix things later like I did.

Also, if you have your name or a brand I would immediately register to all
the free social sites and claim that name.

Grab your .com domain name if possible, I even grabbed the domain names of all
my nieces and nephews just for them to have if anything.

You never know when it will become useful and you don’t want someone squatting on it like they did to me for many years.

I also learned to not take things so seriously…

If the domain you want isn’t available then hey move on and find a substitute… Everything will work out.

The important thing is taking action today regardless.

Anyhow, I’m excited to finally own this domain and now can focus on
growing the content and brand a bit more.

It’s a small win to some but a big win for me.

Super happy about it!